Equipment and aquariums, aquarium planted Each aquarists not succumb to temptation to pass through all stages aquarium-usually the attraction of buying fish species as varied is very high, then the accumulation of information and experience will come to desire give to have a planted aquarium. Planted aquarium is an environment that offers a landscape transposition of nature, in our place of relaxation. Planted aquarium requires a lot of experience and patience but it is a process of evolution and change permanent, everything is alive, natural and constantly change. Aquarium equipment meets your passion with small tips, secrets, suggestions designed to help you achieve your dreams biotope. Required equipment Recommendation of the equipment aquarium, do the following criteria: Aquarium, it must be one with generous dimensions to create the environment required recommend that its height be not more than 60 cm, as is taller so plants at the base will suffer because of the decreasing light intensity will reach them, width or as we say, the depth is very important to get a visual impact as possible, about the length there are no limits, each as it allows spatiul.Pentru help in establishing the dimensions of the calculator will help you to be one quality lighting with a specific spectrum of light planted aquariums, the minimum amount for a planted aquarium is 0.5 watts / liter but if you want you can and then demanding plants you recommend even 1 W / liter. Offsetting a less powerful lights can be done by installing reflective surfaces that reflect light towards the surface. One must consider that the limit between an aquarium well planted and full of algae is extremely fragile, a small imbalance and everything can change, so be patient and attention in choosing equipment. Filtration equipment Aquarium recommend external filters, they do not take advantage with space for decorating creations themselves, do not compromise on this chapter and not one undersized purchase a quality filter needs to be cleaned minimum once every 4-6 months depending the cargo of creatures, aquarium equipment revealed little secret is that inside the filter plant to bacteria is what will sustain the natural balance tank, so as little disturbed this environment, not having stability related imbalances basin. The temperature can be set using a heater, you can choose one that will be in the aquarium or vertically in one corner of the basin, opposite thermometer that will show the correct temperature of the water. The optimum temperature in terms of equipment aquarium is situated between 24 and 28 degrees outside it some plants more susceptible to suffer. The UW as in any other pool, only with fish or saltwater is to neutralize harmful bacteria living beings, and to keep under control some types of algae can invade aquarium Chapter secrets shared equipment aquarium is fact uw lamp is the only way to eliminate the so-called green water (all water is green no longer see any fish) is a highly invasive alga that can not be neutralized by other methods. We recommend using only during iluminariii uw lamp aquarium because it can remove and add fertilizers to increase the plantelor.Un equipment aquarium unveiled another thing is to not install uw website before entering water filtration system, destroying it biotope and beneficial bacteria. Co2 system, carbon dioxide is highly beneficial to plants in the aquarium. In the natural environment, carbon dioxide is provided by sludge deposited on the bottom, via decomposition by bacteria and algae plant death. Most often, the water in our aquariums contain little CO2. This is because in sewage treatment plants extract natural content of carbon dioxide in water. Unlike what happens in the natural environment in the aquarium supply missing natural carbon dioxide. As a result, our plants in aquariums do not have the necessary elements of a vigorous development are weak, pale and stunted, their immune system is affected, algae coloniaza leaves. For plants to develop harmoniously and fish to be healthy, it is recommended that the level of carbon dioxide in the aquarium to be increased artificially. We recommend that the addition of CO2 to be monitored using the ph level, it trebuid to stabileasac around pH values ​​from 6.2 to 6.8, depending on the requirements of plant, equipment Aquarium recommend installing a controller with which maintain the ph level wanted, it will start and stop the carbon dioxide so in how it to be constant. Fitting the aquarium substrate, hence start arranging such, it must be one of quality with a grain of 2-3 mm, the more it is fine so there is a risk of suffocation of the roots, the substrate must have a thickness of 3 -5 cm so in how smoothly we can plant the plants are ready fertilized various substrates, which will then help plant roots to extract substances is necessary, it will arrange the function of preferences can make small islands face the highest basis or can choose settlement in steps, from 3 inches in the front and finishing with 5cm in the back, also helping to effect accentuated by profunzime.Culoare remains to set depending on the desired contrast, aquarium equipment not recommend multicolor substrate, the effect of destroying natural that you should emanate a planted aquarium. The decor, to achieve what we wanted, we can add the aquarium stones with special shapes and colors but carefully not be some limestone, these parameters affecting water hardness, pH. We can use twigs, roots specifically marketed to aquatic locations from where these trees grow in water. Once we have all the necessary fittings, we can add water aquarium and bacteria artificial helping to cycling environment, we start filtering system and heating after the one week waiting for his training Nitrogen Cycle Nitrogen (N) is an essential component of animal tissues and vegetables. The molecules of nitrogen from animals (fish excrement), vegetable or food surplus is transformed into ammonia (NH3 or NH4 +), which is highly toxic to fish. This phenomenon happens in nature but the volume of water is very high compared to the number of fish so that the concentration of ammonia is very small. The aquarium water volume is low and the concentration of ammonia can be dangerous under certain conditions. The transformation of ammonia into nitrites and nitrites into nitrates from nitrogen cycle called ... Aquarium when we introduce the first water is a lifeless environment, even without bacteria. For fish and plants do not have to suffer later it is important to create an environment that regulate bacterial chemical composition of the aquarium. To see water chemistry tests should be conducted before introducing living creatures. The equipment Aquarium recommend using osmosis water. If this is not done and used tap water, shop equipment Aquariums recommends the use of products that have a role in neutralizing toxic substances in the water, especially chlorine that can kill fish aquarium in the next period perform tests to see when the habitat is prepared for the next stage. The plants, some recommend that planting to be done before the introduction of water or simultaneously with it, but equipment aquarium suggest you wait conclusion cycling of, to eliminate the risk pierderiii plants most demanding, will buy them, choose according to what we want to have the finally in landscape equipment aquarium recommend arranging them according to the needs of light and increase in size, it is good to the forefront to be positioned plants type pitch that remain at a smaller size, in the middle plants with a development somewhat higher and in the background what will be constantly trimmed and rearranged all think overall environment over a period of several months during which it will develop continuously. Now is the time where we can add the fish mention that should be chosen for behavior, be compatible with each other and not least not to eat the plants for a landscape full choose fish that grow in groups and colors atragatare. Aquarium equipment wishes to have a broken landscape as nature in your home!